Just about every department store in the world has one aisle that's dedicated to the global phenomenon known as LEGO. In these aisles are boxes of LEGO bricks that can be put together to match the creation on the outside of the box. This is all done with the help of an instruction booklet, of course. Building these kits is both satisfying and an incredibly fun task that people of all ages can partake in.

However, the real beauty of the LEGO brick comes to the surface when builders use their creativity and ingenuity to construct a creation born of their own imagination. If you need an example of what an expert LEGO builder can do, check out the video up above by the YouTube Channel "Charbel's LEGO TECHNIC Creations." His creation is a 1:8 McLaren 720S model that's loaded with genius features.

If you're not in the mood to build your own creation, LEGO has plenty of kits that can help spark your creativity. There are kits of the Bugatti Chiron, James Bond Aston Martin DB5, Ford Mustang and many others. Click here to check them all out.