It's been over two decades since the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR was unveiled, but automotive enthusiasts still dream about the car. The design of the CLK GTR is one that hasn't been replicated since it was created. Up front, the car looks like a slicked-back first-gen CLK while the rest of it is a straight race car.

I'm not trying to say that Mercedes hasn't created beautiful supercars since the CLK GTR. Take the Mercedes-AMG ONE, which really is the successor to the CLK GTR. It's a stunning car that's both beautiful and groundbreaking. But...there's just something about the 90's style of the CLK GTR that's so nostalgic.

Designer Rain Prisk wanted to see what a modern CLK GTR would look like and created his own rendering of the said hypothetical car. He posted the rendering to his Facebook page for the world to see.

In the comments, a fan notes that the Project ONE is the modern CLK GTR, prompting Rain Prisk to reply by saying: "So far I'm not a fan of the Project ONE looks. Although I can't wait to see it in some nicer colour than that silver, could change my mind." So, Mercedes, if you're reading this, let's see some new colors on the ONE!

In the meantime, check out more of Rain Prisk's incredible rendering by clicking here.

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