Earlier this week we gave you a preview of Stuttgart's latest Speedster. As the end of the line for the 991.2 chassis, it combines everything we love. If you were wondering how they could improve it, the 2019 Porsche 911 Speedster Heritage Edition was unveiled in New York.

It seems a bit strange to have two unveilings of the same car only days apart, but we think Porsche is trying to compete with Mercedes-Benz for media attention. If so, they are doing right. The Heritage Edition models will be built by the Exclusive Manufaktur department with several historical cues.

It will only be offered in GT Silver Metallic, the color of Porsche's classic race cars. White arrows on the bumper and fenders compliment the white hood "gumball". This is a reference to Porsche 356s that were raced around the world. They can be left blank, or Porsche can deliver the car with your desired number. If that is all a bit too much, you can order it without the decals.

Instead of the black center lock wheels found on other Speedsters, Heritage models roll on Platinum Satin or Silver wheels. Inside you will find Black & Cognac leather throughout. Embossed and embroidered, you will also have a gold plaque designating the car's significance.

What they didn't change is the six-speed transmission and the GT3 RS engine. The 4.0L beast provides 502 horsepower and 346 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels. It was treated to individual throttle bodies for instant revs, something the GT3 didn't offer. No mention of price was given, but our dealers have several classic speedsters to choose from. Stay with us for all your 911 news.

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