West of Stuttgart is a historic racetrack named after the Castle Solitude. It is a 7-mile track that opened in 1935 and has been host to Formula 1 and Formula II races until 1965. Perhaps the track's best feature is the ability to host private events. That is what happened a few weeks ago, as the Porsche Museum attended Solitude Revival 2019. Because the Museum keeps these machines ready to race, spectators were able to see many generations of the 911, along with the 917 KH Gulf, 550 Spyder, and the 804 Formula 1.

It wasn't just about the cars, drivers included Hans Stuck, André Lotterer, and Hans Herrmann. Walter Röhrl visited the track in 1954 at the age of 7, and it probably influenced his career choices. Later in life, he realized how close the fans were to the track: "Later, when I saw a similar scene from inside a racing car, I thought: Are they insane?” 

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Stephane Ortelli was behind the wheel of the 911 GT1 and said: "Its sound, its acceleration, just how brilliantly everything works – it’s extremely impressive". Hans Mezger explained the intricacies of his engines, which powered the 911 for over 3 decades. His friend Eberhard Mahle raced in 3 classes at Solitude, winning two outright and taking 3rd place in the other. He said: Solitude was a driver’s course – it was even possible to win with an inferior car, just by being better.” And he adds, with a grin: “I’m still the best at driving cars to this day". If you want to be part of the family, your best starting point is a Porsche 911. Click the link below to experience the new 992 series. It is all-new for 2020, and it is the one you have been waiting for. Stay with us for all your Porsche news.

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