Job security is based on how valuable you are to your employer. You might think test drivers are a dime-a-dozen, but not when it comes to hypercars. Loris Bicocchi began his career at Lamborghini, working as an apprentice mechanic in 1974. Learning his trade in the '80s, he worked alongside the likes of Horacio Pagani and Valentino Balboni. Seeking to expand his horizons beyond the Raging Bull, he jumped at a unique opportunity in 1987. Romano Artioli announced the revival of Bugatti in 1987, and Loris decided to follow him. After decades of developing amazing cars, this is what it takes to be a Bugatti Test Driver.

To build a new Bugatti, the team recruited the most talented Italian stylists & engineers, and the driver was a crucial member. Paolo Stanzini had already left Lamborghini, and he needed to convince Loris of the project. "Paolo called me one day and invited me to a meeting. He told me about the project and asked me directly if I would like to have an exciting job,” remembers Loris Bicocchi. The task: to develop a new absolute supercar with four-wheel drive, V12 and four turbochargers from the ground up, again as a test driver. Driven by technical innovations, the EB110 GT and EB110 SS were to become the most modern sports cars of the 1990s. "For me, the job was perfect because I wanted to be able to develop myself, drive even faster cars and at no costs let the steering wheel out of my hands".

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Although the EB110 broke a few world records, the 90's version of Bugatti went bankrupt after buying Lotus from GM. Nevertheless, Loris received a call in 2000 about another wild project. The Veyron proved to be a challenge because it was so far ahead of its time. "Everything was unique on the Veyron, but the Chiron is not just an evolution, it's a new car". After developing the Veyron Grand Sport and Super Sport, the Chiron was begun in secret. "The Chiron is even more dynamic, but also safer and more relaxed. We just made the perfect even better". This level of dedication is what allows Bugatti to continually offer the best build quality in the hypercar world. If you don't belive us, click the link below and experience one for yourself. Stay with us for all your Bugatti news.

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