China has emerged as a giant market for luxury brands. Japanese luxury brands aren't so hot thanks to a few thousand years of tension, so German and American imports have become status symbols for the upper class. Considering the need for a thrifty and practical compact SUV, the Mercedes-Benz GLB Concept was unveiled ahead of the Shangai Auto Show.

It is a concept to study if there is demand for a family SUV situated between the GLA and the GLC class. For a quick refresher, the GL models are usually based on their corresponding car chassis. GLA is an A-Class and GLE is an E-class. America has not had much experience with the B-Class because it is such a flooded market for the time being.

Nevertheless, the notion of a 4-cylinder compact SUV is appealing. Offering 224 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque is sent to the 4MATIC All Wheel Drive. It has 3 modes depending on terrain. Normally torque is split 80/20 favoring the front wheels, Sport mode moves down to 70:30, and in off-road it is even at 50/50 front to rear. We have great deals on the GLC and its AMG models in the link below. So tell us if you think the GLB is right for the U.S., and stay with us for all your Mercedes-Benz news.

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