If you have been following Alex Chois' Lamborghini Huracan. No, it was stolen or wrecked, it was being transformed. In a YouTube video last night he unveiled the Unicorn V3 Twin Turbo Lamborghini Huracan. This rally car started life as his daily driver, but Alex had visions of off-road endurance.

With the help of his sponsors, they added an exoskeleton of steel to replace much of the body. Let's hope it never gets hit, because he mentions it is a combination of steel and stainless. Without any gussets between the pipes, they might shatter in compression. The twin-turbo kit has intake filters bolted to the intercoolers, because pre-heated air is better? The car was treated to 43 lights up front, and the taillights were simply flipped upside down. Even with all the changes, Alex says the car is street legal and it will pass smog. We don't know what rally classes it is legal to compete in, so stay with us for more coverage of this unique build.

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