Carbon fiber and trucks are not normally seen in the same sentence. While their competitor spend millions developing an aluminum body, engineers at GM began work on composites. The result was announced this morning, and the GMC Sierra CarbonPro is the future of full size trucks.

Available on the 2020 Sierra Denali and the AT4 models, the carbon fiber bed offers many benefits compared to steel or aluminum. It is stronger, lighter and scratch resistant. Because it is thinner, the bed also offers an additional cubic foot of cargo space.

Steel rusts and aluminum corrodes, but the CarbonPro bed will never give oxidize. This new blend of carbon fiber is not UV sensitive, and it has a unique grain to help with grip in wet conditions. Tests made sure the touchpad for the Kicker audio system was also up to years of tailgaiting.

Over a year of testing involved catching a running snowmobile. It had steel studs in the track and a 250-lb rider. The bed didn't scratch. Next up was a running generator with exhaust aimed at the bed side, no damage. Finally it was abused from Arizona to Ontario to prove the strength in hot and cold climates.

The Sierra Denali arrives with the same 6.2L engine found in the Stingray. Since it lost 60 lbs over the rear tires, the GMC CarbonPro has the ability to murder tires and perform epic donuts. Sadly, GMC and Chevrolet have cancelled their standard cab models, so the CarbonPro will only be offered in this body style. Click the link below to find our Buick/GMC dealer near you and stay with us for all your truck news.

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