If you are in the market for a new Porsche, you are not alone. Despite drops in several regions, Porsche has posted strong first quarter deliveries in the U.S. In a press release last night, total sales for Q1 were 55,700 vehicles. In total, this number is a decrease of 12% from last year, and much of it was forced by European legislation.

The EU has mandated new particulate filters on all direct-injection engines, and the scramble to add them delayed the new 992 Series Porsche 911 along with deliveries of other models. Because the filters are not needed for US-spec cars, we saw a jump of 8%. America as a whole is up 7% while Europe took a hit of 32%. Even Germany is down by 28% thanks to the new regulations.

Cayenne and Macan sales are still far above the cars, and the new 911 is outshining the 718 Series. It is nice to see that we were the first to receive the 8th generation, and our dealers can't keep them in stock.They expect to finish the year slightly ahead of 2018, betting on the 911 and Cayenne Coupe introductions. September will see the launch of the Taycan, guiding the brand into an optimistic future.

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