Sir David Brown had a problem. The year was 1960 and his goal was to put his DB4 in first place on tracks around the world. He had purchased Aston Martin and Lagonda shortly after WW2 and transformed them into world class luxury marques. He named the DB series for himself, and the early versions showed great promise. To make sure the 4th example was ready to race, he turned to Zagato for styling and fine tuning. Only 19 examples were build, so Aston Martin is Celebrating the first DB4 Continuation car.

In a press release this morning, we see the first completed body of this reborn classic. Aston Martin chose to build a new run of 19 cars using most of the original tooling. Instead of building a wooden buck to shape the body, they scanned an original car to explore its curves in a virtual realm.

This allows the coachbuilders to see each panel in detail before work begins. Using hammers and an English wheel, the first body has been built of 1.2 mm aerospace aluminum.

Stronger and lighter than the original, these 19 beauties will command a premium price when completed. Kudos to Aston Martin for bringing the past back to life, and stay with us for all your Aston Martin news.

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