Photoshop and filters work great for studio shots. The basic photography used to sell normal cars hasn't changed in decades. If you are trying to sell the world's most advanced hypercar, nothing beats a gorgeous location. That is why the Koenigsegg Jesko looks amazing in Lucerne. Located in the center of Switzerland, this ancient town sits at the base of the Alps, on the shores of Lake Lucerne.

Photographers Eric Griess & Steven Wade made use of the impressive background to show off the attributes of the latest Koenigsegg. This all-new hypercar offers 1,600 horsepower on E85, this is possible thanks to the lightest crankshaft in production. The flat-plane design weighs only 28 lbs, allowing for an 8,500 rpm redline. They chose steel instead of titanium for the connecting rods, and they are only 1.2 lbs each.

Taking a page from hot rod history, the long stroke allows the pistons (0.6 lbs) to spend more time near Top Dead Center. This lowers peak cylinder pressure, allowing the turbos to create higher average pressure. The only disadvantage to a long stroke is piston speed. Because the piston spends more time at the top and bottom, it has to move faster to get there.

The lightweight rotating assembly cancels out much of the vibrations inherent with a flat-plane V8, so its too bad that all 125 cars have been sold. It must be nice to have 1,106 lb-ft of torque between 2,700 and 5,100 rpm. That is more than any diesel truck on the market, so you could probably tow your 15,000 lb race trailer with ease.

The Jesko stands as the state of the art in hypercars, a position its predecessors held for years. Our dealers have a few examples for sale, so click the link below and stay with us for all your Koenigsegg news.

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