If Don Draper would have had a trailer, you are looking at it. Westcraft epitomized Art Deco on wheels, and ‘Calypso’ is the brilliant result of more than a decade of meticulous restoration, craftsmanship and modernization. As the largest and most rare model Westcraft ever offered, the ‘Capistrano’ is 33 feet long, and features a Pullman roof with seven windows on each side, allowing 6’4″ of headroom. Only one other ‘Capistrano’ is known to us, in a completely dilapidated state. Owner Lucas Lackner purchased this example in neglected condition, and proceeded to assemble a team of some of the best craftspeople in California in order to achieve the finest restoration in the world.  

The team was led by Steven Butcher, considered one of the premiere vehicle restoration experts, who worked with Lucas to envision a resto-mod unlike any other. They decided to improve upon the original design by integrating the latest in safety features, luxury, comfort and connectivity. Modern touches are hidden within cabinets and behind period switchplates and custom-made curtains in order to maintain the classical Deco feel. Rather than using LEDs, the light bulbs in the gorgeous fixtures were replaced with originals, although finding these old bulbs in good condition was a major task in itself.

When it became time to address the woodwork, approximately half of the interior birch paneling needed to be replaced. The new sheets had to be custom fitted, and required numerous coats of tinted varnish and faux grain to match the originals. Once installed, all surfaces were given four coats of varnish and were sanded between every layer. The old-growth pine floors were removed, refinished, and treated to a unique inlay pattern from stem to stern.

Even after many years without being repainted, only about 50% of the aluminum body was oxidized. Utilizing the latest in CNC waterjet technology, body panels with compound angles and curves were created. New heavy-gauge stainless steel surfaces were machined and individually fitted for the kitchen counters and bathroom interior, including a fantastic shower stall. All new period faucets and fixtures were incorporated into the design. The bathroom panels are interlocking to prevent any moisture penetration. Waterjetted and polished aluminum was used for the shelf trim, speaker grilles, fan & AC vents, drawer handles and grips. Meticulous details such as faucet fittings and the shower curtain rod were custom milled from solid aluminum. The propane tanks were polished and coated to prevent oxidation.

The undercarriage and chassis were thoroughly cleaned, repaired and reinforced by adding gussets and plates in critical areas. The electrical wiring was completely replaced with 20-amp Romex. The wheels were refinished and fitted with new tires. The axles, brakes, and springs were also refurbished and updated. A new water heater was custom mounted to meet seismic codes, and the extremely quiet and energy-efficient Duotherm heating/AC system can be remote controlled.

Two NAD audio systems can be played independently in the living and bedrooms, utilizing individual amps to drive NHT, Focal and Sunfire speakers. Each room has a Sony flatscreen with Bose sound bars using common connections to both surround-sound systems. Concealed throughout the trailer are USB charging sockets, ethernet and coaxial cables and modern grounded outlets.

Other fine amenities include custom blinds throughout, a completely redone Dixie Permaview stove and a new Norcold freezer/fridge, which incorporates 3-way power, running off of 12v DC, 120v AC or propane. The fully restored late 1940’s American Standard jade toilet contains new internals and can be used in either the travel trailer or park trailer configurations. Both the exquisite carpentry and superb leatherwork were meticulously handcrafted by extremely experienced specialists. No expense was spared nor attention to detail overlooked in order to create a trailer that is unique in all the world. Please click the link below for further details, and prepare to be amazed!

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