Jeepers have been celebrating Easter at Moab, Utah for 53 years. What began as an enthusiast event has been adopted by Fiat Chrysler as a way to interact with their customers. This tradition grows larger every year thanks to social media and the growing Wrangler fan base. In order to show us what they are capable of, Jeep & Mopar unveiled six concepts for Easter Safari 2019.

Tell us what you think of these slick six Jeeps:

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First up is the Jeep Wayout: This new Gladiator Overland makes use of the generous payload rating to support a full canopy above the bed.

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The Jeep Flatbill is aimed at Motocross riders, with two bikes mounted in the bed. It wears Rubicon trim, complete with fender vents, an aggressive hood, and a cloth top.

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If you like classic lines, the Five-Quarter is a classic 1968 M-715. These rugged Army trucks were based on the classic Gladiator. The name is a nod to the Army's rating of 1 & 1/4 tons, which was conservative given their reverence by veterans. This resto-mod uses late model suspension and modern upgrades to tackle the trails.

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Mopar delivered the Jeep J6. It has styling reminiscent of classic Jeep trucks along with a host of upgrades available from the dealer.

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If you have been looking for a classic CJ-8, the new Jeep JT Scrambler is an 80's themed Gladiator with the latest in Mopar performance parts.

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Last up is the Jeep Gladiator Gravity. This one appeals to the rock crawling community, showcasing suspension upgrades already available at your dealer.

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