HYT Watches have a very unique way of telling time. Instead of a constant tick, they provide a more fluid approach that flows just as naturally as time should. For their latest Soonow collection, this fluid flow of time wraps around a skull inspired by Aztecan artifacts.

To create the unique way that the Soonow tells time, HYT utilizes their exclusive mechanical movement. Two contrasting layers are pushed through the skull-shaped capillary as time passes. To read the time, a wearer needs to just look at where the two fluids meet and read the printed words founds above the skull's outline.

The skull design of the Soonow is made up of 313 18-karat gold pins that stick out through a titanium plate. Each of the skull's eyes tells a different story. The left eye rotates as each second passes, and the words "soon" and "now" can be read on this dial. For the right eye, HYT came up with a brilliant way to display the watch's power reserve. The pupil of this eye peers out from a disc that sits behind the eye's socket, displaying the level of the power reserve.

HYT is creating two different editions of the Soonow, each in different colorways. One features blue fluid with red trim on the skull, while the other has green fluid with matching green trim. Only 25 examples are planned for both editions.

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