Bernd Michalak had a vision of what the ultimate Ferrari could be. His admiration for the 328 GTS inspired him to expose what lies beneath. To create a 3D Business Card for his design company, he purchased a 1989 Ferrari 328 GTS and remove all non-essential weight. After designing a new body, he chose aluminum to keep weight at a minimum. As the ultimate expression of a light & fast machine, Jay Leno drove the 1993 Ferrari Conciso concept by Michalak.

Coach-built aluminum bodies are not easy to build, so he went to the masters in Maranello. BACCHELLI & VILLA have been responsible for many Ferrari race cars, and they are the only shop allowed to do Classiche Restorations. Instead of being outraged at this creation, Ferrari gave the car their blessing. The owner is a true enthusiast, and he drives it as often as possible. Being endorsed by the factory makes it virtually priceless, so tell us what you think of it in the comments below. The closest modern equivalent is the Ferrari 488 Spider, so click the link below to browse great offers from our dealers, and stay with us for all your Jay Leno updates.

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