London, U.K. is launching a new Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) that aims to drop emissions through tighter exhaust emission standards. They're calling these ULEZ standards. If they're not met, drivers can expect to be hit with a daily charge in order to drive through the area. One car that won't have to deal with emissions issue is the new and pure-electric Pininfarina Battista, which made its way to London for the launch of the new ULEZ.

The Battista may be electric, but it packs a whopping 1,900 horsepower, putting it well into hypercar territory. That means the Battista will be able to roll through the ULEZ without any trouble and take modern hypercars to task on the circuit.

"The Battista is a truly beautiful, guilt-free hypercar – the first EV to really fall in love with – because electricity enables us to develop it with zero emissions and as the most powerful car that will have ever been designed and built in Italy," says Michael Perschke, CEO of Automobili Pininfarina.

Expect deliveries of the Pininfarina Battista to begin in late 2020. That's also around the same time that the ULEZ will extend to the whole of Greater London in 2021.