McLaren Beverly Hills, part of the O'Gara Group, has just been named McLaren Special Operations Retailer of the Year 2018. This award comes after McLaren recognized their exemplary sales and engagement with MSO. What's more, McLaren Beverly Hills was also named McLaren Automotive's Global Retailer of the Year in 2018.

“Since taking over the franchise in December 2017, it’s been astonishing what McLaren Beverly Hills has accomplished,”said Tony Joseph, President of McLaren North America. “They have become the largest global retailer in their first year of business, and their focus and passion for McLaren brand has been paramount to their achievements. They have successfully engaged MSO commissions and world-class events for customers and prospects alike. We look forward to their continued momentum and performance in 2019.”

To determine the MSO Retailer of the Year, McLaren created a points system that includes MSO revenue, marketing efforts and more. The revenue can come from retailer-specific commissions and MSO Defined and Bespoke content. One of McLaren Beverly Hills' fantastic MSO commissions was their "Racing Through the Ages" collection (seen above). This MSO collection celebrates McLaren's racing heritage through three different themes.

Congratulations to McLaren Beverly Hills for the award! Click the button below to see just how incredible their inventory of McLarens is.

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