We are three days away from the launch of the 8th Generation Corvette. As we have noticed, the majority of classic Corvette owners have described the new car with profanity, but it does have a proper name.

In fact, the name and the engine's firing order are probably all that will be shared with the C7. That's because the 2020 Corvette Stingray emblem and logo were uploaded to GM's media site a few hours ago.

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Few people realize the Stingray name dates back to 1959 when the XP-87 Corvette prototype was named "Sting-Ray"

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From there, the name stuck to the 2nd Generation (C2) cars from 1963 to 1967

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1968 was the first year of the C3, but it arrived with several quirks and without a name. However, the "Stingray" now as one word returned for 1969 and remained until 1976.

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After a long hiatus, the Stingray name returned in 2014 for the base model cars.

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I left the Corvette aftermarket to join duPont Registry, and I have owned C3, C4, C5, and C6 Corvettes. I do not own denim shorts nor do I have a mustache, so I think a mid-engine Corvette is long overdue. Tell us what you think of the new logos and emblems below, and what your thoughts are on the new car. The live stream of the reveal will be 10:30 p.m. Eastern/7:30 Pacific, and we will have all the details for you once they are announced. Stay with us for all your Corvette news, and long live the Stingray.

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