When it comes to major upgrades, the best feeling is vindication once your car is back on the road. Feeling your car respond to new parts is addictive, especially if your car is a carbon fiber masterpiece. That's why we love the latest upload by the leader in aftermarket tuning. If you like twin turbo V8 power, watch the first Hennessey Performance McLaren 720S shakedown testing.

John Hennessey took delivery of the first McLaren 600LT in the US. And since then he has developed a comprehensive upgrade package for the Sports and Super Series models. In stock form, the McLaren 720S makes 710 horsepower at the crankshaft. While this is ok for some, we saw this car make 809 horsepower at the wheels last week. Turn up your audio because now its time for the track. If your car could use a serious horsepower injection, head over to https://hennesseyperformance.com/ and stay with us for all your Hennessey Performance news.

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