Last week, a brazen thief orchestrated a well-planned theft. Early Wednesday morning, a new Bullitt Mustang was stolen from the Showroom in Evansville, Indiana. The security cameras at Town & Country Ford captured none of the activity. General Manager Larry Oldham told NBC 14 News: “Our DVR was not working and it’s been repaired now, but we don’t have video. They are checking some other local businesses videos to see if they got anything.”

The 2019 Mustang Bullitt is a 5.0L ,480 horsepower tribute to the 1968 Mustang GT used in the eponymous movie. A 1968 Mustang GT borrowed the Thunderbird's 390ci (6.4) engine to offer 325 horsepower and 427 lb-fr of torque. These are the old gross measurements, not the modern SAE Net engine tests. Given the modern output of 429 lb-ft of torque, the new car is easily twice as potent as its predecessor.

It has 15" front, and 13" rear rotors, magnetic suspension, and a six-speed stick. Because the iconic green paint and unique exterior, Evansville Police found the car a few blocks away at an apartment complex. Town & Country Ford is repairing the car to sell it at a discount. They also arrive with 3.73 gears, making the car incredibly fast. Given the starting price under $41,000, they are an incredible collectible bargain. Our friends at Ferman Ford have this loaded example ready for you, so click the link below and own a piece of history.

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