Around the world supercar owners are rejoicing because they now have the ability to go on the trips they've dreamed of in their prized automobiles. Lamborghini unveiled today their new design for a Lamborghini camper trailer that can be towed behind cars like the Huracan. Its design comes straight out of Centro Stile, Lamborghini's design studio. The angular design and lights look to be very inspired by the new Urus, which could, of course, pull the camper as well. But let's be honest, nothing is more satisfying than going out into the great outdoors in your Lamborghini supercar. Imagine flying through the twisting roads of the Stelvio Pass in your Aventador SVJ with a camper attached. Then set up camp right afterward for a nice relaxing night. Heaven. Check out Lamborghini's post below and be sure to read the description. Happy April Fool's Day!