If you ask many Lamborghini collectors about the Gallardo, one model will always be mentioned. It is 220 lbs lighter thanks to a diet of carbon fiber, and the V10 engine received a 10 horsepower upgrade. Only 618 examples were built, and many have been lost due to the combination of less weight and more power. Putting these factors aside, PeterBjorck decided his Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera needed a manual transmission swap. Oh, and twin turbos...

I was in college when the Gallardo was introduced, so I thought I knew everything. When I heard the E-Gear was electrohydraulic, I figured it was just a fancy term for a six-speed automatic. But no, this video clearly shows E-Gear is a manual transmission with a ton of expensive hydraulics attached. Locating parts from a stick shift Gallardo is near to impossible, but the conversion is clearly straightforward. He might even make money on the swap, considering the price of the hydraulic parts. Peter, our hats are off to you! If you want to attempt this yourself, click the link below to find a Superleggera for yourself.

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