Lego's full-scale examples of production cars have been life-size models with intricate details. But the latest creation from the Danish toy company incorporates functional details. The McLaren Senna by Lego is their first interactive collaboration, and it has infotainment and several interior parts from the real car. This will allow kids of all ages to get behind the wheel, turn on the headlights, and operate the touchscreen.

Surrounded by almost a half-million bricks, you will realize the time and effort that has gone into this build. Several teams of 10 builders spent 2,725 hours building the car. The design started with a laser scan of a new Senna, then it took 4,935 hours to translate it into Lego bricks.

This amounts to the time it would take to build 9 real McLaren Senna models, which are 1,102 lbs lighter than the Lego versions. Of course, it is a great promo for Lego's latest Speed Champions Edition. Your own Senna will be 5" long and composed of 219 pieces. Or check out our dealers to find a real McLaren for yourself.

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