The new Ferrari P80/C has just been unveiled as the most extreme one-off automobile that the Italian automaker has ever created. Ferrari wouldn't say who ordered the car, but they did note that the client is a "great connoisseur of the Ferrari world" and comes from "family of long-time Prancing Horse enthusiasts and admirers." Let your imaginations run wild.

When briefing Ferrari on what they wanted, the client asked for a modern car that was inspired by the 330 P3/P4 and the 1966 Dino 206 S. Flavio Manzoni, the head of the design for the P80/C, was essentially tasked with creating a modern car that pays homage to two great classics.

For the base, they chose the 488 GT3 chassis. This choice allows the P80/C to be a track car that's unrestricted - that includes the 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine (I'm assuming it's this engine as it's what powers the 488 GT3). Another feature that was only made possible because of its track-only status include the removal of classic headlights. This gives the front of the P80/C and incredibly sleek and aggressive look.

The client also had a very interesting and specific request: give it two souls. To accomplish this, Ferrari gave it two different set-up, a racing set-up and exhibition set-up. For racing, it has a large carbon fiber wing and 18-inch wheels. For exhibitions, it can be equipped with 21-inch wheels, but can be devoid of any of what Ferrari calls "aerodynamic appendages."

On the outside, Ferrari went with a Rosso Vero paint that's as showy as the car itself. There is also carbon fiber that can be seen only on the exterior's functional parts.

As stated before, this is strictly a one-off car but maybe some of its DNA can be shared with some upcoming Ferrari models.

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