Excell Auto Group, located in Boca Raton, Florida, is currently housing the only example of the extravagant Karlmann King SUV in the United States. Born out of Italy, the Karlmann King is one of the most exclusive SUVs in the entire world. Additionally, it's the most expensive SUV you'll find in the world.

The Karlmann King was inspired by a stealth fighter, an apparent inspiration when you look at the sharp edges and flat surfaces that are found on the exterior. When designing the SUV, the facets of a diamond also served as inspiration which translated into the multiple flat surfaces on the exterior.

For those interested in owning such the Karlmann King in the United States, you're in luck. Excell Auto Group is currently taking orders on the SUV, which starts at $1.8 million. When ordering, customers will be able to completely customize their SUV, turning it into a true automotive expression of themselves. Each of the Karlmann King's will be completely unique and handmade, combining exclusivity with craftsmanship. The SUV can also be made with a bulletproof exterior.

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