Thanks to their quality work and attention to detail, Porsche employees awoke with a smile. When all the data from 2018 was compiled, their net operating profit saw a 4% gain over 2017. To keep up with increased demand, their workforce was expanded by 9%, to 32,325 employees. While the new hires weren't included, 25,000 Porsche employees received an $11,000 bonus.

A press release this morning says that €9,000 ($10,220) is in cash, and €700 ($794) has been deposited into their pension funds. To put this into perspective, Porsche's profits of $4.88 Billion are less than half that of GM, who posted $10.8 Billion for 2018. But instead of profit sharing, GM cut 4,000 salaried employees last month. Porsche does it right.

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If you don't believe us, our friends at Jalopnik and Carscoops are reporting that one more 911 GT2 RS is being assembled for a Brazilian customer. The transport ship sunk taking 2,000 Porsches, Audis and others to Davy Jones' locker. While the Stuttgart factory is busy cranking out the 992 series 911, the notion that they will build one more 991.2 is unprecedented in the automotive world. To see what makes them so popular, click the link below to find our dealer near you.

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