A wise man once told me "The best way to sell something is to tell someone they can't have it". While that might work for many products, Koenigsegg will not build more than 125 examples of their latest hypercar. That's why we are not totally shocked that the Koenigsegg Jesko is already sold out! As the successor to the Agera RS, it has big shoes to fill. Being that each new model arrives with serious innovation, it will probably smash the 300 mph barrier with ease.

In the email earlier today, we learned that 83 cars were sold prior to the unveiling at the Geneva Auto Show. The remainder of the deposits were received in only 5 days. We were wondering why their display model was being pushed out of the show, and now we know its probably en route to its owner.

Koenigsegg Jesko Revealed at Geneva

And now a quote from the man himself: "The new Koenigsegg Jesko is the highest volume production run we’ve ever planned. For it to have sold out within days of its unveiling is both humbling and a wonderful testament to the outstanding crew we have at Koenigsegg. From the visionary work of our designers, engineers and technicians to the incredible job done by our sales team and our global network of Koenigsegg dealers – it took a great team to bring the Jesko to the world. We are very thankful for the reception it’s received from the press, the public and of course, our growing family of Koenigsegg owners".

A few dealers purchased production spots, and we're sure they will fetch a pretty penny when delivered. Production will begin at the end of 2020, with a planned run of one per week. I am still stuck on the Regera because it has made the transmission obsolete. If you haven't experienced one in person, click the link below and stay with us for all your Koenigsegg news.

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