What began in 2003 is coming to an end. The CTS sedan spawned a new era at Cadillac, with its popularity spawning a coupe and wagon version for the 2nd generation. But the 3rd generation car is large & expensive, which places it as a direct competitor to the CT6. So Cadillac announced the new CT5 in a press release this morning. The Cadillac CT5 has arrived to replace the CTS

This new model also does away with the 640 horsepower CTS-V. In its place will be a 2.0L four cylinder or the 3.0L twin turbo six found in the mid-level CT6. Our first impression is that the front and rear styling is chic and appealing, but the side profile could easily be confused with Lexus, Acura, etc. It will arrive with Luxury and Sport trim levels when it is formally unveiled at the New York Auto Show next month. If you want a great deal on the last CTS, click the link below and stay with us for all your Caddy news.

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