It's our pleasure to introduce our readers to McLaren Montreal, one of Canada's three McLaren dealerships. They serve the regions of Greater Montreal and Eastern Canada.

Every day their goal is to deliver exactly what McLaren Automotive planned from the beginning: a new sports car that is much of a pleasure to own as it is to drive. Through their exceptional customer service, myriad of services that are offered to customers and an all-around pleasurable buying experience, this is accomplished each day.

McLaren Racing is known as pioneers in the world of Formula 1 since Bruce McLaren founded the racing team back in 1963. The technologies and experience that the racing branch of McLaren has developed over the years have been translated into their road-going cars. With such a historic heritage, McLaren Montreal takes pride in offering such monumental automobiles and ensures that each one they sell is handed off and cared for in every aspect.

Each customer of McLaren Montreal can take advantage of the various services the dealership has to offer. This includes their service department, boutique and more. Their website,, also offers customers the ability to put in a request for specific parts for their McLaren.

To see the extensive collection of new and pre-owned vehicles that McLaren Montreal has to offer, be sure to click the button below.

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Official dealer for Montréal and Eastern Canada.