We are still waiting on official performance numbers on Ford's latest flagship. Hopefully we will have a good idea of what it is capable of before production begins. Thanks to our friends at Car & Driver, we know what it won't be able to do: 181 mph. That is because Ford confirmed the Shelby GT500 top speed limiter. In their latest press release, they mention that maximum downforce was achieved at 180 mph. The track package cars will utilize the Mustang GT4 spoiler to make 550 lbs at 180 mph, while the base model cars generate 379 lbs.

This is possible thanks to the "swing" a new combination of spoiler, wing, and a Gurney flap. The reasons for limiting the top speed make perfect sense. If you want a car that cruises above 200 mph, there are many choices for you. But they won't offer the cornering or performance of the GT500. Going faster will only generate more heat and drag. The first is addressed by a secondary radiator along with a 50-Amp brushless fan, and the second is handled by active aerodynamics. It might even give you a break on your insurance premium, depending on your driving record. Your mom will rest easy after you explain it to her, so why not? Stay with us for all your GT500 updates.

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