What began as a small group of classics has evolved into the 2nd largest automotive event. Only Monterey Car Week is larger than the Concours d'Elegance of Amelia Island. Our schedules were full as we hit the ground running on Wednesday. After procuring the supplies for 4 locations, our silver trailer was parked at the entrance of the Ritz-Carlton.

A plethora of Porsches gathered at the Werks Reunion Friday morning. The adjacent fairway was being prepped for Festivals of Speed, and we positioned ourselves between our clients. Terradyne brought their latest Gurkha, and Superformance overloaded the crowd with several flavors of the Future GT Forty. This modern interpretation of the GT40 can be had with all the modern conveniences. Also on display were a few stunners from Naples Classic Car.

The stunning HYT Skull watch.

The Festivals of Speed was 10 am to 4 pm, which directly impinged on our ability to attend the Concours d'Lemons, a show aimed at misfits and odd survivors you forgot about. More importantly, our crew was split between Cars & Coffee, Motor Expo, and a Porsche Parade to downtown Fernandina Beach. We turned in early on Saturday night, in order to be ready for the 24th Annual Amelia Island Concours. We rallied at 7 am, ready to welcome our guests at Motor Expo, the main entrance, and our VIP Suite overlooking the field.

The duPont REGISTRY crew rocking Robert Graham.

Attendees were dropped off at Motor Expo, where we had a new Tommy Bahama Edition Airstream Interstate on display. Next to it were our friends from Nmoto, fielding their R7-inspired BMW motorcycle. Overfinch brought their latest in bespoke Range Rovers, and their carbon fiber trim caught everyone's eye. We couldn't look this sharp without the attire provided by Robert Graham. Check out their latest styles in the link above!

@racecardyl on the NMOTO Nostalgia Project.

Superformance brought the Future GT Forty examples with carbureted big-block and supercharged Coyote power. The crowds proceeded to the main gate, with the duPont REGISTRY command center welcoming them to the event.

Opening the event was John Oates singing the National Anthem, and it was a wonderful day. The only casualty was a gorgeous Lamborghini Miura SV, whose carburetors flooded on the way to the podium.

Valentino Balboni diagnosed the problem and brought it back to life. We'll see you this Saturday at Cars & Coffee, and stay with us for all your exotic car events.

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