Oceanco has just revealed their new yacht and it's one of the most incredible ones we've ever seen, Esquel. This new yacht comes into the world with a length of 345 feet, almost the length of a football field (360 feet). Oceanco, a Dutch company, created the Esquel to be an expedition yacht, meant to explore that oceans. In a press release, they point out that 80 percent of yachty activity takes place in only 20 percent of the world's oceans. The Esquel was designed for that 80 percent of ocean that don't often see yachts.

There are a myriad of features of the Esquel that make it a capable vessel for exploration. Just look at the 2475.7 sq. ft. tender garage that can house vehicles, tenders and even some toys for the water. However, Oceanco does note that Esquel was designed and engineer to carry and deploy two submarines, a land vehicle and even motorbikes. Up above the garage is a 2152.78 sq. ft. main deck that Oceanco says could even be turned into a platform for scientific studies. There's even a helipad.

Powering Esquel is a sustainable compact diesel-electric system. Oceanco says the Esquel has a cruising range of 7,000 nautical miles and can reach a max speed of 16.5 knots.

Esquel wasn't designed just with exploration in mind. In fact, Oceanco had a very specific set of people they wanted to reach with this new yacht: millennials. Oceanco's Group Marketing Manager, Paris Baloumis, told CNN that they worked with a young designer "in order to fully embrace the millennial mindset."

“The ambition for the look and feel of Esquel’s interior is geared towards depicting the life, influences and home of a young explorer," says London-based interior stylist Gina Brennan. "Visible will be an eclectic mix of antiques and artifacts collected on his/her travels.”

A price for Oceanco's Esquel has not been introduced as of yet, but I'm sure it will cost a very heft sum.

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