Every time Elon Musk tweets, a host of haters try to rain on his parade. When the Tesla Model 3 first arrived, the factory couldn't keep up with demand. The solution was to build a giant tent in the parking lot and extend the assembly line. He hinted that the price would eventually drop once all the bugs were figured out. So yesterday the Tesla Model 3 Standard price of $35,000 shocked the world.

It arrives with 220 miles of range, a cloth interior, and the same 5-Star safety rating that has made the Model 3 so popular. The Standard Range Plus starts at $37,000 and 20 additional miles along with an upgraded interior. Those prices are for black cars only, paint options start at $1,500. All of the hardware for autopilot is built in, but it costs $3,000 or $5,000 depending on the model.

We used their configurator to learn that the panoramic roof is standard on both, as is Bluetooth and a 4 speaker audio. All Tesla models come with a tax credit of $3,750, and many of us prefer manual seats, well done Elon! Click the link below to find a Tesla near you.

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