Two opponents meet in the middle of Texas. One was born in Detroit and educated in Houston. The other comes from Woking, a town on the outskirts of London. We've seen some unlikely quarter-mile face-offs, but this one will blow your mind. You are about to witness a McLaren 600LT versus a Hennessey HPE1000 Jeep Trackhawk.

Let's look at the power-to-weight ratios. The carbon fiber contender offers 592 horsepower to its 2,989 lbs. This means each horsepower pushes 5 lbs of weight. The American has 1,012 horsepower and weighs 5,363 lbs. This means each horsepower must move 5.3 lbs, a slight disadvantage. Both vehicles have launch control, but aerodynamics come into play well before the finish line. Tell us which one you would choose in the comments below, and stay with us for all your Hennessey Performance Updates.