We were sad to learn that Mercedes-AMG is sending the S65 sedan into retirement. It makes sense when you compare the AMG sedan to the Maybach S650. The former has been around for a few years, and it was in a strange spot compared to the upper-class sibling. It seems as if their most luxurious model isn't going anywhere, so we're glad to see a BRABUS 900 Mercedes-Maybach S650 heading to Geneva.

Constantin Buschmann is following in the footsteps of his late father. Their shared passion for performance and perfection is clearly evident in this new model. The Maybach S650 arrives with a twin-turbo V12 making 621 horsepower and only 738 lb-ft of torque. While it is adequate considering the curb weight of 5,296 lbs, BRABUS was unimpressed.

Brabus 700 4x4 Squared "One of ten" Final Editions

Their improvements to the intake, turbos, tuning, and exhaust have yielded 900 horsepower and 1,106 lb-ft of torque. Tell your driver to pass the Aventador if you are late for a meeting, this big sedan will blow the doors off of many supercars. Stay with us for all your BRABUS updates.

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