Lamborghini has just launched their new certified pre-owned program that will include pre-owned cars sold throughout their authorized dealers worldwide. It's called Selezione Lamborghini. This allows buyers of certified pre-owned Lamborghinis to sleep well knowing their car has gone through a rigorous process that includes checks and work that is done b y trained Lamborghini technicians using genuine Lamborghini parts.

Here's the breakdown of what cars in this program will come with:

  • Minimum 12-month warranty (Extendable up to 24 months)
    • Covers parts and labor
    • Includes roadside assistance
    • Complementary six-month check
  • Each supercar must be under 43,000 Miles and 84 months of use
  • Urus must be under 62,000 miles and 120 months of use
  • Vehicles must have undergone scheduled maintenance
  • Must pass a list of 150 checks
    • Exterior, interior, mechanics, electronics, tires, rims and brakes.
  • Cars undergo full diagnostic and road test before sold

Selezione Lamborghini has already launched and it will make its way across the globe throughout 2019.

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