In an ideal world, all Porsche 993 series 911s would be transformed into RWB masterpieces. Rauh-Welt Begriff is a Porsche tuning company based in Japan. It was founded by Akira Nakai to built the ultimate examples of the Porsche 993. They are incredibly rare, which is why this footage is of an RWB Porsche 993 cruising in Australia knocked our socks off.

The German translation is Rough World Concept, and each build is given its own name. Nakai San must choose your car for the project, and he has rejected many prominent Porsche owners. This car is "Chigiri" or 'The Promise'. Owned by @c.santoso, it was filmed in 4k by THE-LOWDOWN. If you happen to be in Melbourne, keep an eye out for this gorgeous machine.

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