The latest news from the LA Auto Show brings the Audi e-tron closer to reality. This sleek sedan is the e-tron GT, and it previews a production version that will arrive in the next 2 years. In a press release last night we've learned it will have carbon fiber body panels and 590 horsepower. The bold styling has wide rocker panels and a tapered cockpit in contrast to Audi's recent models. Nothing was left to chance, as even the 22" wheels are styled to cool the brakes. 

The cockpit has a flat floor with ample room front and rear.  With a focus on sustainable materials, no animal-based products were used inside or out. To emphasize the utility of an electric vehicle, the battery mounted under the floor allows for 15.9 cubic feet of cargo room with an additional 3.5 under the hood. Having electric motors front and rear, it leaps to 62 mph in 3.5 seconds, and only a dozen ticks to reach 124 mph.

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The battery is rated at 90 kWh and it offers a range of 248 miles if driven in a sensible manner. But if I had a gorgeous sedan with all wheel steering and a low center of gravity, it would be hard to resist a few spirited maneuvers. Audi was originally planning to use a 400v charging system and Porsche would have 800v chargers. But thankfully Audi has adopted the Porsche system. It allows for an 80% charge in 20 minutes. While we wait for it to reach production.