Desktops, garages and shelving around the world ought to rejoice. A new LEGO 1960s Ford Mustang kit was just unveiled, and it looks like the perfect display piece for fans of the famous pony car. Consisting of 1,471 pieces, this replica of a classic Mustang is on point. In fact, LEGO built this kit with input from Ford. It features a dark-blue body with white racing stripes.

The details found within this LEGO Mustang are quite astounding. Inside the cabin are seats, a radio, working steering and a gearshift. Up front is a big block 390 V8 engine that's detailed with a battery, hoses and even an air filter. There are also a number of customizable pieces that can be added on, like license plates, a supercharger, rear spoiler, big exhaust pipes, front spoiler and, of course, a nitrous oxide tank. LEGO also notes that that the lift of the rear axle can be adjusted to give the Mustang a more serious look.

When built, it measures in at over 3-inches high, 13-inches long and 5-inches wide. It definitely won't take up as much space as the real thing. Expect a price tag of $149.99 when it releases on March 1st in LEGO Stores and on


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