The last four years has seen unprecedented competition in the market for sports cars. Our friends at Mercedes-AMG have never been content to let their lineup get stale, so they have unveiled a hot new version of the AMG GT. Taking influences from their GT3 racing program, the new AMG GT R Pro blurs the line between race and street. 

A new stability system known as AMG Dynamics allows for more cornering grip and faster response to changing conditions. Three modes are available across all versions of the AMG GT. Basic mode covers slippery and comfort situations. Advanced is aimed at winding roads allowing for more spirited driving. Pro mode is only available in Sport +, and it is intended for drivers who want to be on the edge. Master mode is only offered on the GT C and GT R, and it can only be accessed in Race mode. 

Those distinct settings wouldn't be worth much without a more capable car. The new AMG GT R Pro is a result of lessons learned in GT3 and GT4 racing. It starts with new coil-over suspension at all corners. Compression and rebound are easily adjusted by dials on each shock. The former has individual responses based on speed. Both sway bars are adjustable, and the front is made of carbon fiber. All control arms have ball joints instead of bushings because nobody like mushy responses when cornering. 

A new carbon fiber panel under the rear suspension serves to maintain consistent geometry and precision. Unfortunately the computer controlled hydraulic motor mounts remain an unnecessary luxury. Additional carbon fiber reinforcements are hidden from view, but the new aerodynamic parts are stunning. A lower front splitter along with fender vents creates more downforce. The rear spoiler has gained a Gurney flap, because Dan Gurney was a genius. Earlier this month AMG driver Maro Engel lapped the 'Ring in 7.04.632, elevating the AMG GT R Pro to become the fastest street legal AMG to-date.

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