Mercedes-Benz and their parents at Daimler are preparing for a massive presence at the Geneva Motor Show. We've covered the SL Grand Edition and the SLC Final Edition earlier this week, but we missed one sentence in their Geneva preview. Tucked away near the bottom is the sad news that a Mercedes-AMG S65 Final Edition will also be on display.

Mercedes-Benz discontinued the V12 after the gas crises in the 70's, but it returned in 1991 in the 600S and SL models. But it looks like the 6.0L twin-turbo engine is on borrowed time. Much like the SLS AMG we covered yesterday, big German engines are an endangered species. We don't know what this means for the Mercedes-Maybach, or Pagani since they are based around this masterpiece.

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This also implies there will not be a new G65, as the 2020 G63 has incredible potential. Our hearts are heavy, this is like watching the last episode of MASH while holding back the tears. But this old friend is going out on top, with 621 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque. Get it while you can, as the 2019 (and hopefully 2020) examples of the SL65, S65 Sedan, Coupe, and Cabriolet are heading into the sunset. Click the link below to find an S65 near you and stay with us for all your AMG news.

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