We've had an issue with Quebec ever since the French captured a young George Washington at Fort Necessity. But times have changed since 1754, and our friends to the north have made the first steps to correct one of society's problems. The entire automotive world is cheering, because Quebec has officially outlawed "Hellaflush" and "Stanced" suspension.

If you have never seen a 90's import car with stretched tires and 20 degrees of negative camber, you are truly missing out. Their owners are among the most educated and intellectual among us. They are united by the hashtag #stancenation, and you can find outstanding examples at payday loan locations, economically depressed neighborhoods, and police impound lots. Our friends at C12productions document all aspects of automotive life, so here are a few shots from Import Faceoff 2019.

The issue is not in trying to communicate with the owner. It is that Hellaflush cars are incredibly unstable and dangerous. Because their axles explode on a regular basis, Canadian insurance companies will no longer cover damage claims. This new law says that your camber must be within the manufacturer's limits, or you will be prosecuted.

We propose that Canadian drivers be ticketed for going 10 mph slower than the speed limit as a reciprocal measure of good faith. If you wonder why many Canadians drive slow, their speedometers are in Kilometers per hour. Going 62 mph is 100 kph, which is not acceptable in a 70 mph nation. Much like mini trucks, the Hellaflush scene will fade away as their owners face the realities that accompany such decisions. Tell us if this is an invasion of Canadian individual freedom, or is it a positive sign of culling these abominations from the road. To find a great deal on an unmolested exotic car, click the link below. Stay with us for all your automotive news.

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