It was a sad day when we realized that Ferrari no longer offers a car designed by Pininfarina. Enzo entrusted Sergio and Andreas Pininfarina with sculpting iconic cars, so that Ferrari could concentrate on racing. Times have changed, and Pininfarina SpA is designing an electric future. A press release this morning offers more images of the upcoming PF0, which will be built by Pininfarina Automobili in Germany. 

These two companies share a common ancestor, but it is easier to keep production and styling on separate ledgers. Speaking about building the car, Automobili Pininfarina's CEO Michael Perschke said: "It is a pleasure and a privilege to partner with the world’s greatest car design house, Pininfarina SpA. This agreement brings us together and marks the beginning of two exciting chapters in our very different histories. For Automobili Pininfarina, it will form the cornerstone of our ambition to become the world’s most admired luxury electric vehicle company. For Pininfarina SpA, it delivers Battista’s dream of seeing a range of beautiful and highly desirable Pininfarina-branded cars on the roads."

The PF0 will be the first example of their "Pura" design language which will be used on a series of new electric luxury models. Tell us what you think of it in the comments below and stay with us for all your Pininfarina updates.