If you're paying attention to the automotive world, then you've seen that Aston Martin is on an absolute roll. Now, the English automaker is continuing the roll with the announcement of the Aston Martin '003' hypercar, which has just been confirmed. This new hypercar comes in right after the stupendous Valkyrie and Valkyrie AMR Pro models, which were 001 and 002, respectively, in the hypercar numbering system that Aston Martin has created.

Hypercar 003 will be powered by a turbocharged hybrid engine and has DNA that is "deeply rooted in concepts and technology currently being developed for those revolutionary road and track-only machines," according to Aston Martin. What's more, 003 is going to be a road car and it will have space for luggage. Gasp! But it doesn't stop there, as Aston Martin says it will be fully homologated in all markets with the option for both left and right-hand drive models.

The Aston Martin '003' hypercar will be limited to 500 coupe examples and the first ones will arrive to the market in late 2021. Yes, they specifically noted that they would be "coupes," so a roadster or convertible variant is likely.

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