Are you old enough to remember when the CD arrived? It signaled the death of the phonograph, and analog audio altogether. History repeats itself, and record players are popular again. Prices for rare recording are steadily rising, so Porsche has released "24 Minutes of LeMans" on vinyl.

Normal vinyl is not worthy to reproduce Porsche's history at the famous track. So they chopped up the last set of tires from the 919 Hybrid. These limited edition pressings are going up for auction this weekend. All proceeds are going to Loisirs Pluriel. It is an organization that cares for disabled children in France.

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They offer a respite for children, enabling them to play, live and grow up with other children while also unburdening their parents. Kudos to Porsche for re-mastering the races of the past, and helping children in need. If you want a copy of this record, click the link below and stay with us for all your Porsche news.

Porsche's 24 Minutes of LeMans


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