One of the most iconic vehicles within the exotic car world has to be the Lamborghini Miura. Its design, power and prestige make the Miura both a sought after car in the car collector world and one that will always stand out in any show. Artist Fabian Oefner knows just how special this car is and was able to create a beautiful piece of art thanks to it called "Disintegrating X Lamborghini Miura."

This piece of art is exceedingly more than just a photograph. It was created by taking photos of each of the car's pieces, which were then placed into a fashion that makes it look as if the car was exploding or disintegrating, if you will. Oefner was able to make this project possible thanks to a friend who was having his Miura restored and suggested that he use this opportunity for a new piece in his "Disintegrating" series. Learn more about it in the video below!

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