If you attended the APEC summit in November, please return your car. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation is a gathering of nations from around the Pacific Rim. Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea was the location, and hopefully, the conference led to better trade and communication between the member states. You can't roll up to an economic summit in an Oldsmobile, so the dignitaries were offered loaner cars from Bentley and Maserati. The only problem is that after 3 months, almost 300 luxury cars are missing in Papua New Guinea.

Reuters' Sydney office was the first to pick up the story, as Australia provided many of the cars. Unfortunately, the notion of 300 expensive cars rolling around the poverty-stricken nation sparked protests. In the midst of a polio crisis, the government promised to auction the cars after the event, but only 40 Maserati Quattroporte (representative model is seen above) and three Bentleys were returned. So far, 9 cars have been stripped after confirming VIN information of the parts.

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