On its own, the McLaren 720S is an understandably beautiful car. In fact, it may be one of the best looking cars on the market at this very moment. But there are always ways to take the appearance of the 720S to the next level. For McLaren Stockholm, they created a McLaren 720S "Art Car" thanks to a creative wrap. The 720S, captured on film by GTBOARD.com, has been turned into a rolling comic book page. Across its exterior is a vivid wrap that looks like it was pulled from the pages of a classic comic book. One bit of the design that I do enjoy is that the wrap's design is quite symmetrical, even though it looks like it's all over the place. Up front, you can see an orange strip running down the center that's flanked by blue areas with black dots. Even the sides are just about mirrored in design. It's definitely worth a deep look into. Want a 720S of your own to wrap? Check out all of our McLaren 720S for sale by clicking the button below.

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