Adding a turbocharger is a great way to improve an engine's efficiency. So, what could go wrong with adding a turbo to a turbo? That was the motivation behind the new Land Rover Range Rover Sport HST. It will arrive with a new 3.0L straight six that will eventually replace the V6 in their lineup.

This might seem like a step backwards, but the inline six has quietly made a resurgence throughout the industry. Chevrolet, Mercedes Benz, and Fiat Chrysler are all realizing the potential. The primary benefits of impressive torque and smooth running are enhanced by turbocharging. But turbos only make power once they spool up. This problem was solved by adding a 48-volt electric supercharger to get things moving.

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Land Rover's first mild hybrid system is rated at 30.5 mpg, and it has significantly cleaner exhaust than its V6 predecessor. You will have 395 hp and 405 lb-ft of torque along with variable lift and duration of the intake valves. This is one of the biggest engine innovations in the brand's history, so click on the link below to find our dealer near you.

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