While browsing the ol' internet one day, I came across a wild Lamborghini Espada Rat Rod that blew me away. The teams at Danton Arts Kustoms and Carrosserie Hervé took a Lamborghini model that's usually overlooked and turned it into a one-of-a-kind piece of art. I wondered how this project came about, and now I have answers thanks to a story from the builders themselves. Enjoy!

By Hervé Castagno – Owner of Carrosserie Hervé

The idea of ​​the creation of this work of art and others to come was born from an inital meeting:

Alexandre Danton of Danton Arts Kustoms visited ‘Carrosserie Hervé ’ with his father-in-law to see the many accolades of this workshop. During this meeting, Alexander did not say a word, rather in his eyes he left with the imagination and inspiration of achieving something great. I told myself that there was something that could be formed from this relationship.

Danton is known for his extreme creations and his art of steel forms. He showed great passion for his art and the delivery of his vision in the form of automobiles is extraordinary.

I've always had a passion for Italian sports cars especially after participating in many shows in Las Vegas (SEMA show). I always believed that one day I could achieve something exceptional. This now happened to be the right time and with the right collaboration would enable me to realize this dream.

After buying a 1968 Lamborghini Espada , I thought it was the right vehicle to celebrate the Lamborghini Espada's 50th anniversary (1968/2018) and to partner with Danton Arts Kustoms and give free rein to our imagination.

One Sunday night in November I sent a message to Alexandre offering him this challenge and he replied instantly t, saying "Let’s Go." From that point, our relationship was formed, as was a collaboration to achieve works of automotive ART that we named: "Pure Neo Vintage."

We made the first drawing, then a digital model to be able to visualize what we had imagined in our heads. During the construction of this work, ideas for the final form of the vehicle and especially the color of this work of art came about. All of this was done by preserving the heart of the vehicle and especially the body, constantly keeping in mind the name of the vehicle and what it meant.

The word "Espada" translates into "sword" in Spanish and Portuguese, referring to the sword worn by the matador in the arena.

All forms of the vehicle were made as if it had been cut with the sword, while also trying to bring existing vehicle shapes to date from the same brand for her dress (Reventon Side Gill, Ar de Silouette).

It's also in the same spirit that the Italian sword-shaped bands were made a. The matte paint, with its brilliant strips, were made without any demarcation to the touch and textures which makes it a real work unique motor vehicle in the world.

In realizing this project, we came to the urge to shake up the craze for old, prestige and collectible cars and to create CHD edition with the clear passion and love of cars we have.

Alexandre Danton and the Espada Rat Rod

We will always keep the starting spirit that the manufacturer had given the vehicles, keeping true to the heart, curves, which we will put in a new configuration according to our vision of the work.

The project will always be carried out in close collaboration with the recipient. We just wanted to take a different look at the exceptional vehicles that will become works of UNIQUE ART made by CHD édition CH = Bodywork Herve = Castagno Herve Danton Arts Kustom = Alexander Danton CHD edition is born.

The exclusive unveiling of this vehicle will take place on February 13, 2019, at Supercar Rooms Miami in the Wynwood Arts District as part of their exclusive automotive curated experiences.

The relationship between Supercar Rooms Miami and the Lamborghini family is further advanced by invitation and arrival of Mr Fabio Lamborghini to Miami for the very first time to host this exclusive event. Members and patrons will be able to meet, greet and finally encounter a member of the Lamborghini dynasty.

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For more information:
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